25 Free Minimal Tumblr Themes

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Tue, 01 Sep 2015 05:50:48 +0000

In a world that has gone crazy for social media, there are still quite a few that long for more than just adding friends and sharing posts on their news feed. Some strive to gain and share more substance when they go online, may it be through images or through words. And although these can also (arguably) be done through Facebook, it just isn’t enough. This is the point where online travelers turn to Tumblr. The Amazing World of Tumblr Yes, Tumblr is also considered as a social media platform. However, it has a much deeper focus compared to other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Other social media platforms are only focused on users’ current activities and how they feel. On Tumblr, it’s a whole new ballgame. It is content-driven, which means that there is so much more to discover and share. Tumblr is also known as a blog site of sorts, and allows you to create multiple blogs under a single account. This means that you could maintain different pages under a single username and password, which is convenient for those who would want to have a separate account for their business for example, and another one ...


25 Beautiful Hexagon Logo Designs

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Mon, 31 Aug 2015 05:22:36 +0000

Whether we realize it or not, shapes play an important role in the choices we make as consumers. There are instances where we may forget the name of a specific product, but we can clearly visualize the shape and style of its packaging. Thus, businesses pay special attention to the shape they incorporate into their logos and designs. In the past couple of years, geometric shapes dominated this design arena. One shape in particular is a clear favorite of designers. And this is the hexagon, a polygon with a six-sided shape. If you think about it, it is not really that surprising to see a ton of hexagon-shaped logo designs. After all, it is often referred to as “nature’s perfect shape.” This particular polygon connects to the environment more than any other geometric shapes. The hexagon is generally present in various elements of nature. For instance, it is evident in the shape of a snowflake, in a honeycomb, and even at the carapace of a turtle. The shape of a diamond crystal is also a hexagon. In the same way, basalt columns have the same six edges, six vertices shape. Apart from nature, hexagon embodies a variety of imagery to ...


Freebie Friday: My Hand Typeface

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Fri, 28 Aug 2015 06:30:00 +0000

Noe is a gifted designer from Mexico who specializes in typography, branding, and calligraphy. He creates beautiful handmade fonts that can be purchased via his Creativemarket shop. My Hand is a handmade typeface created with ink and a brush over paper. This font is perfect for someone who wants something natural, free, and handmade. It’s perfect for posters, wedding invitations, flyers, etc. We would like to thank Noe once again for giving away this awesome freebie. We hope you’ll download this font and create something beautiful with it! Download


iPhoneography: 9 Must Have Apps for iPhone Photographers

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Fri, 28 Aug 2015 05:22:02 +0000

There is no doubt about it that the camera quality of an iPhone is impressive. Used on its own, the end results are good, especially if you take into account that it is just a camera phone, and not a professional high-end digital camera. But to truly get the best shots with your iPhone, using a photo app (or two) is highly recommended. iPhoneography does not just highlight the art of taking impressive images, it also showcases amazing photo editing skills. This combination is what makes the iPhone a truly remarkable piece of gadget. For iPhone photographers, there is no shortage of photo editing apps available in the App Store. The list is so massive that it becomes a hindrance for many. But, don’t fret. To help you capture a DSLR-like image using your iPhone, I’ve selected the top nine apps in the market today. Each of these offers a seamless and fun camera experience that you will surely enjoy. 1. Layout from Instagram (Free) This is a companion app of possibly the most recognized photo-sharing app today, Instagram. Over the past year, the proliferation of collages on Instagram can’t be denied. As such, IG decided to produce an app that ...


5 Common Business Planning Mistakes That Startups Make

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Thu, 27 Aug 2015 05:28:33 +0000

A viable business plan is a crucial part of the startup process as it is the first major step you’ll have to take as an entrepreneur. It often takes time, patience and countless revision in order to come up a business plan that opens doors for investors, partners and employees. If your business is poorly planned, it will most certainly prevent you from getting the attention you need. In order to help you avoid such mistakes, I have made a list of 5 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make during their start up process: 1. Not conducting a comprehensive research Although this might seem obvious, it is fairly common in the industry that entrepreneurs fail to answer investors’ questions about their market. How well do you know your market? In order to make an effective business plan, it’s essential to know everything you can about your customers, competitors and stakeholders. Poor research can not only harm your business idea, but also put the entire business on disarray. This is perhaps one of the most common reason to why so many startups fail. So be sure to take the time to do your research – to understand your target audience, their motivations ...


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