XOOPS 2.5.7 Final Released

Mon, 16 Jun 2014 08:50:00 -2300

The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.5.7 Final.

This release is focused on making XOOPS 2.5.7 fully compatible with PHP 5.5.x, on security enhancements, bug fixing, and on updating external libraries to their latest versions:

- jQuery to 1.11.0
- jQuery UI 1.10.4
- jQuery Lightbox to 1.2.3
- jQuery Form to 3.50.0
- jQuery Tablesorter to 2.15.11
- jGrowl to 1.2.14
- TinyMCE to 3.5.11

Angelo Rocha also has provided this new cool theme: the xBootstrap theme, based on Bootstrap

Original Image

Since this version includes security fixes, it is highly recommended to update to this version ASAP!

See the Changelog for more details.

Due to changes related to security, it might happen that in one or two modules saving of the Permissions in Admin might not work. We are finalizing the Basic Module Pack, where all modules have been tested on XOOPS 2.5.6. Please check the News on XOOPS Website for a special announcement about the updated modules, or ask on the XOOPS Forums.
Or you can read more detailed information about how to fix it yourself in /docs folder in the file: "fixing_permissions.txt"

Please post and discuss all issues related to this release in this Forum thread

We also need help with Translations using Transifex

System requirements

Minimum PHP Version: 5.3.7

Please note: the fact that the XOOPS Core runs correctly on PHP 5.5.x, doesn't mean that all your modules will run correctly, therefore you'll need to test them first.

The recently released modules that qualify for our Basic Module Pack, are all tested on PHP 5.5.x, and they should run just fine. We're also in process of updating the Basic Module Pack specifically for XOOPS 2.5.7

If you encounter any issues, please let us know in our Support Forums, in this specific thread dedicated to XOOPS 2.5.7


Downloading XOOPS

You can get this release package from the Sourceforge repository.
There are .zip and .gz archives provided.


GroupeFPN: New website for students in Morocco created with XOOPS

Fri, 06 Jun 2014 14:11:03 -2300

I'm pleased to present the new website created for Moroccan students: GroupeFPN

Original Image

modules used :

Mastop Go2

theme used :


Thanks XOOPS! It's the best tool to create a Website!!!


Fantasy-Fans.ir Powered by XOOPS

Thu, 29 May 2014 07:58:32 -2300

Hello World , New Persian Fantasy and sci-fi Books & Movies Fans Site Created by XOOPS

Original Image

xoops 2.5.6 Persian

news 1.63


Thank you XOOPS


XOOPS 2.6.0 Service Manager: Introduction

Wed, 21 May 2014 07:53:57 -2300

In XOOPS 2.6.0 alpha 2, some familiar services that were traditionally internal parts of the core were separated into modules. Some examples are: avatars, comments, and notifications

The separated module approach achieves some important benefits:

● Modules can be updated independently.
● Modules can have private resources, such as templates, configurations, maintenance pages.
● Modules can be omitted if not needed, saving some resources.

But there are potential benefits to separation that were not realized:

● The service modules were not easily replaced with alternate implementations
● References using hard coded module names litter the entire system wherever a service is needed

In XOOPS 2.6.0 we'll introduce a "Service Manager" component:

● Services located by service name, not provider
● Service interface established by Contract
● Returns a standardized Response object that includes result, status and messages
● Request is based on a well known interface
● Actual provider does not matter to caller
● No need to check for a specific module
● If the service is not available, that status is returned just like any other error condition.
● Service providers are only instantiated when explicitly requested, and then kept for the duration of the PHP run.
● A locate event is not triggered until a named service is first requested, so if a service is not used, it has no overhead cost.
● If no providers for a service are installed, the locate trigger has little cost, and any subsequent calls go straight to a NullProvider that minimizes resource use.

Richard Griffith, our Core Team leader, has created a presentation to show you how XOOPS 2.6.0 will implement the Service Manager, and how to use it. You can see the presentation on SlideShare

This is the second presentation from our new "XOOPS 2.6.0 Education Series", where we will share with new features being developed for XOOPS 2.6.0, and show you how to use them.

The first presentation was about Asset Management using Assetic

XOOPS 2.6.0 is currently in development, in pre-Alpha 3 stage.

There is a lot of new development going into XOOPS 2.6.0, as you can see from these articles:

XOOPS is back, and with a vengeance!

Major improvements to XOOPS 2.6.0, Alpha 3 release is getting closer!

and after adding Doctrine, PHPUnit, Composer, Assetic, and several other cool things, Service Manager is another component that will simplify XOOPS development!

You can contribute to the XOOPS 2.6.0 development by forking it from GitHub, and submitting your code there.

We would also like to thank Slider84 from XOOPS France for his help in creating the template for this presentation!



XOOPS supports the upcoming "Crafting Code Tour" with PHP Expert Brandon Savage

Mon, 12 May 2014 11:53:26 -2300

Original Image

XOOPS Project is very proud to support the upcoming "Crafting Code Tour" with PHP Expert Brandon Savage

Writing great, high quality code is hard. Understanding the nuances of the languages you use, and the way in which you accomplish certain tasks can be highly challenging. That’s why The Crafting Code Tour is coming to a city near you in Summer of 2014. And the best part? Attending is completely FREE!

The Crafting Code Tour is a 18-city, 15-state, 3-country speaking tour aimed at the PHP user group community. Kicking off in June, this tour will hit sixteen cities in North America and bring along world-class speakers of different types to speak at individual user groups. To the user groups, this event will be free, paid for by sponsors of the tour.

The Crafting Code Tour will focus on how developers can do their best work, how software development is a craft, and how we can grow. While the list of speakers along the tour route is still being compiled (and will likely change for various cities), the goal is clear: to prove that it’s not impossible to bring outside speakers to individual user groups.

The meeting in Cincinnati, OH is on July 16 at the UC School of Information Technology.
To register, please go to:

Other locations:
Washington, DC ~ June 11, 2014
Raleigh, NC ~ June 18, 2014
Charlotte, NC ~ June 19, 2014
Charleston, SC ~ June 23, 2014
Orlando, FL ~ June 24, 2014
Miami, FL ~ June 25, 2014
Tampa Bay, FL ~ June 26, 2014
Atlanta, GA ~ June 30, 2014
Nashville, TN ~ July 2, 2014
Dallas, TX ~ July 8, 2014
Austin, TX ~ July 10, 2014
Tulsa, OK ~ July 11, 2014
Kansas City, MO ~ July 12, 2014
Minneapolis, MN ~ July 14, 2014
Milwaukee, WI ~ July 15, 2014
Cincinnati, OH ~ July 16, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~ July 17, 2014
New York, NY ~ July 21, 2014
Puebla, Mexico ~ September 13, 2014

For details, please visit: http://www.craftingcodetour.com/tour-stops/


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