40 Beautiful Vintage Packaging Designs

Packaging, creative, design, Inspiration, packaging, Retro, vintage

Thu, 08 Oct 2015 06:00:57 +0000

There are many products in the market today that are impeccably made and of high-quality, but still don’t make the news. On the other hand, there are some products that are mediocre at best, but are selling like pancakes because of how they’re marketed to the public. As a consumer, it often happens that we immediately get attached or enticed by a product with a cool or memorable packaging. It’s simply like getting involved with another person, which usually starts with physical attraction. And so, deciding on a packaging design is a critical stage in marketing. If the product, even if it’s the most awesome thing in the world, lacks an eye-catching or noteworthy wrapping to tie it all up, then it’s a marketing fail. Packaging design can be as basic or outrageous as you like. But if you’re handling marketing or you’re the designer asked to do the task, you have to choose a design that can attract people of all ages and buyers that are outside of the brand’s target audience. One of the tried-and-tested designs that you can play with is vintage. There’s something about vintage design that easily resonates with people. For the older crowd, it ...


Deal: The Beautiful October Bundle ($29)

Design, bundle, deal, design, Fonts, graphics, Resources

Wed, 07 Oct 2015 21:16:32 +0000

This month we have a great deal for you to take advantage of. It’s called the Beautiful October Bundle. This is a massive font bundle from TheHungryJpeg that’s available for only $29! This bundle includes 33 incredible fonts (plus two bonus fonts!) which come with a ton of extras and a massive 19 Graphics packs! With a retail value of $838 this pack is discounted over 95%. Most designers know that having a big typeface library to choose from speeds up your workflow. Searching for a font during every project is a big waste of your time. Why not have a massive library of fonts that are ready to go whenever you need them? This bundle consists of high quality handmade fonts mostly from Creativemarket that will give your designs a human touch. Each font can be used commercially, so you never have to worry about any kind of legal trouble. As always, this bundle is only available for a month, and as you know, once it’s gone… it’s gone! So to avoid disappointment, grab yours today! Here’s a preview of all the fonts and graphics included in this bundle. Check out all the fonts included in this bundle here: Thehungryjpeg.com


Stunning and Inspirational Video Game Concept Art

Digital art, art, beautiful, Concept, design, video game

Wed, 07 Oct 2015 05:14:12 +0000

Concept art usually covers all aspects of a game’s pre-production phase. Artists are employed to design characters, scenery, buildings – basically the whole universe you’ll be residing in. Some of them didn’t make the cut, while others have been edited to better fit the game designer’s view. Regardless of their destination, they are just stunning and inspirational. They’re like a sneak peek inside the concept artist’s mind. Without further ado, I present you stunning and inspirational video game concept art. Destiny This concept art was first unveiled two years ago during Bungie’s GDC panel, which primarily focused on world building. Game developer Bungie announced that their Destiny title is a 10 year project. This means whatever concept art, or mechanics we see unveiled, or rumored, will probably appear in-game sometime in the near future. Yet, most of them have already appeared in one way or another in Destiny. The Taken King DLC has just been released this September so don’t expect any concept art leaks any time soon. Skyrim We all know that when Bethesda plans on developing a game they go full blown workaholic. To say that Skyrim is huge is an understatement. Prior to Skyrim’s release, video game ...


35 Stunning Logo Designs That Were Unfortunately Rejected

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Tue, 06 Oct 2015 05:46:42 +0000

Just because you do awesome work does not mean that you’ll get one approval after another. Such is the reality of life, something that proves to be burdensome for a lot of would-be designers to accept. Unfortunately, having the endurance and motivation to go through it all is one of the traits required of a designer who would really make it big in the field, and giving up after a rejection or two only shows that this is one industry that they would never break into. Why Designs are Rejected So that’s fact number one about being a designer – you may be the most brilliant artist in the world, but that does not save you from rejection. The important thing here is understanding why your designs are rejected and learning from that experience. Why are designs rejected despite their uniqueness and charm? There are so many reasons. Your design may be groundbreaking and aesthetically amazing, but it may not convey the message that your client is hoping to spread. It could be the epitome of modern design, but there is a possibility that it does not relate well to the specific audience that the client is targeting. Of course, ...


Creating an Online Portfolio the Right Way

Design, career, Online, Portfolio, professional

Mon, 05 Oct 2015 05:33:24 +0000

In order for a business to even begin operating, owners must find numerous ways to attract potential buyers and/or clients to purchase their products or services. Ideally, this process should be easy because there are a lot of people who look for services that can help them create unique, custom content. In this day and age however, the demand for this kind of service is so high that there are a lot of businesses, companies, and freelancers, striving to make their mark in this competitive market. For large companies and branded industries, obtaining these elements is fairly easy, because they have the funds, the names, and the resources to do so. Despite this, startup businesses and one-man services can potentially rise from this ever growing market, and parallel themselves with well-known companies because of the way they present their brand, services, and skills. What is a portfolio and why is it important? Artists, writers, and professions that require skills that have been sharpened for many years, need to earn in order to make a living and perfect their craft. In order for these professionals to showcase their talents to potential clients or companies, they need to put their works in a ...


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